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Future town halls & promotion

Keep this thursday date. Kendall to promote on linkedin and slack.
Content for release 1.9

#15127 (content), #15156 (bug), #14940(bug)


Contents of 1.9 is agreed (no update on proposal)

Analyze and conclude the defects.

Seems CI Dashboard update work-flow was removed during the removal of Make build steps: PANDEY 
DevOps proposal.Link
Engineering Biweekly - mandate and frequency
Lucas Gonze 

Jordan: Merge with features group?

Lucas & Max: these meetings are helpful, but can take away work time

Shubham: make it monthly?

Max: need someone to drive agenda building a couple days before. move this chat to TSC or dev slack channel to see if anyone wants to step up.

Adding Dockerhub option for download docker images.

LF take ownership? 

need to transfer ownership to new user


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